Reseller Program

Our reseller program makes it easy for telecom dealers and sales executives to offer our services to customers in need of on hold messaging or audio video products.  Many VoIP and some PBX phone systems already come with a messaging on hold port, which makes our productions easy to integrate.  Productions are available in MP3, and WAV formats and are compatible with nearly all professional phone systems.  Please give us a call for more information if you would like to be a partner and take advantage of this win-win program.

Our Products

Captive Marketing produces a complete line of products designed for customized messaging on hold, IVR announcements, music only and voice mail greetings.  Captive Marketing message on hold productions offer male and female professional voice talents, over 25 music beds and the ability to preview productions prior to installation.  As an authorized reseller, you are eligible to receive comprehensive marketing materials to promote our products.

Our Benefits

Music and messaging on hold often require an extensive amount of effort, resources, and specialty knowledge to create a professional production.  Our solutions make it affordable to have a professional voice reaching your client’s customers, thus more effectively promoting ideas, products and services.
In addition, our products are targeted to the widest possible audience. We provide custom messages and music beds that match the brand of each client.

Product List

Captive Marketing features numerous audio and video products.  Below is a list of our offerings:

Audio productions

    • Messaging on hold
    • IVR
    • Voice mail greeting
    • Pre-sales messaging

Custom Builds

Many of your clients will have multiple locations and thus expect volume discounts.  As our affiliate, you are eligible for custom builds of our products.

Getting Started

It is easy to get started.  Become a Captive Marketing authorized reseller by emailing and we will be in touch with full details.