Our Company

Captive Marketing is a leading, innovative provider of business messaging on hold.

Our custom voice productions are crafted with your company’s brand image in mind.  We offer straightforward, affordable and easy-to-use delivery systems including our web update option. This self-managed service allows our mp3 customers to easily update content in minutes and communicate advertising/marketing messages locally, regionally or across an entire brand portfolio.

We are one of the few audio video firms

That take into account all the different requirements for sound in an establishment.  Sound Quality is always at the top of the list as we work with architects and designers to make sure our systems are as unobtrusive as possible.

So what else makes us unique? 

Captive Marketing is the only messaging on hold company that offers Sound Check.  Sound Check is a quality control measure that ensures your customized production is being heard consistently for your customers on hold.  Every 6 months a representative calls each of your Captive Marketing on hold locations to verify sound quality, clarity and volume.  So you can feel satisfied you’re getting what you pay for.  That’s why at Captive Marketing we make it our job to put confidence on the line.

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