Marketing on Hold

At Captive Marketing, we offer a variety of voice talents and background music options to ensure your message reaches the right customers.  Be sure to check out our production samples below to hear ideas for the experience you’d like to create for your customers.

Production schedules we offer:

  • Annual
  • Bi Annual
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly

Create an on-hold ambiance can dramatically impact the success of your business.  Why? 

Music on hold gives your business a voice and presence during a time that is normally considered to be wasted. Its a great opportunity to promote products and services, and have clients asking about them when your company answers the line. How great is that?  Or, drive your clients to your website where you have another opportunity to sell and provide information. Give us a try today and see greater success retaining your clients placed on hold and increase your revenue!

Voicing Service:

  • Phone Prompts
  • Radio and TV Voiceovers
  • General Voicing